Welcome to my new website. The images that are posted are many of my favorites from past and current work. They were made using a 4" x 5" Large format film camera and a Nikon digital 35mm system. While I have embraced the digital age, I find myself reaching back for the studied process that film requires. The discipline required to shoot film and get consistent results automatically makes me slow down and spend more time on the mechanics of photography. In short, it makes me a more thoughtful photographer. This may seem counterintuitive, worrying about the camera, but it works for me. 

​Over the next few months I'll be adding new work to this site. The images will be mostly black and white and shot on a Mamiya RZ67 medium format camera. I'll process the film myself using PMK Pyro developer and outputing using Photoshop. Stay tuned..................

​Mark Henry McLane


Mark McLane Photography

"Don't let yesterday use up too much of today"

​Will Rogers